My boyfriend want me to have oral sex

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What can I do? Do you fantasize about it, get turned on when you think about it? If you're sure this just isn't something you want to do, now or ever, you just need to be very clear with your partner about that.

My boyfriend want me to have oral sex

That makes you someone who is changing her mind, a thing people do about a whole lot of things all of the time. You don't need a reason, nor do you need to come up with a line or excuse to convince him it's reasonable for you not to want to. On the other hand, if you're just changing your mind and do feel a desire to explore oral sex with him, that doesn't make you a hypocrite. You may have intercourse, but don't suggest oral sex. Our sexuality is something that develops over time, and in your teens years, you're in the thick of that development. We have passion, it goes on for hours, the kisses are sweet But if you're sure this isn't something you want, then once you make that clear to a partner, they need to drop it if they choose to stay with you. Eventually he should be comfortable giving you oral sex, even without seeing you wash, if you pace this programme carefully. Our society promotes the idea that genitals are unclean — particularly the vagina — so boys grow up fearing the smell and the taste. People and other animals have been engaging in oral sex for a mighty long time. It sounds to me like what you need to do is just sit down with yourself and suss out how you feel about this at this point. I come here quite often to browse and get information I need, and now I need some advice. He knows my stand point on the no going down thing, though he has done that for me. Assuming you've had a genital check-up and there's no bacterial infection that's usually what causes a woman to emit an unpleasant odour , work on gaining his trust and confidence in small, incremental stages. In which case he can get help via NAPAC and Survivors Psychosexual problems, such as not being able to get or keep an erection or coming before he wants, may make penetrative sex difficult for him. For the record, there isn't anything abnormal about oral sex: If you feel the same way about sex and sexuality at 40 that you felt at 12, chances are good that you probably didn't develop much as a person or that you were an insanely precocious year-old. Past history of physical, emotional or sexual abuse. I just think it's always helpful to weed out factual misinformation. And why he prefers oral sex over penetration. If he's still saying he would really, really like to do something you really, really don't want to, then you need to have another chat, make clear that you just don't think you're going to feel differently about this any time soon, ask him to please respect that and stop voicing a desire for it, and allow him to decide if that's something he can live with or not. Hypocrisy is the act of opposing a belief or behaviour while holding those same beliefs or doing those same behaviours at the same time. It may be there are no underlying issues causing this - he is happy with how things are so sees no reason to change, or is aware of your unhappiness and has discovered this is a means of controlling you within the relationship. The fourth time, suggest he give you oral sex straight after the shower — perhaps sitting on the bath edge. And if that's the case, be honest:

My boyfriend want me to have oral sex

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  1. You might also check in with him to be sure that oral sex for you is something he does because he enjoys it, not because he's trying to get you to pay it forward: For the record, there isn't anything abnormal about oral sex:

  2. Too, it's common for us to want to do things sexually once we get a little older that we didn't want to do when we were younger. For the record, there isn't anything abnormal about oral sex:

  3. My concern is that whatever you decide to do sexually you decide to do because it's something you want to do just as much as a partner does.

  4. Every time we bring it up I always tell him I'm paranoid, I have researched what you can get from doing something like that.

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