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Sudama is not mentioned anywhere in the very ancient scriptures Mahabharata, Harivamsa or Vishnu Purana. Krishna is greatly pleased to see his old friend. In a wide saucepan on a LOW heat, heat the vegetable oil, then go in with the diced pepper and garlic. This confusing difference is because Sudama carried neither sattu nor pohe. That moisture what I was told is what causes the mango kuchela to go bad fast, so we have to remove as much as we can.


The end result is parched mango, which will not work for this. It may take a bit of work to squeeze off the liquid with your hands, or you can use a towel and wring the liquid out. The oil can be used to drizzle onto food as well, as it will be well flavored. Place in a dry bottle or container and it will keep for a few weeks. Please remember to wear gloves and wash your hands with soap and water immediately after handling scotch bonnet peppers. You have the option of dicing or crushing the garlic. He lives an austere life after that, always thankful to the Lord. Overwhelmed by all this Sudama forgets to ask what he actually came for. You can store these in sterilized glass containers on your kitchen counter for a couple weeks, then store in the fridge. He also finds his family dressed in opulent garb and waiting for him. Try to get really green mango skin and flesh , which will be very sour or tart. Sattu peeth is prepared from grama phutana and wheat flour. He goes inside and asks Rukmini to get him the old, torn clothes which Sudama wore when he first came. You now have two option, you can squeeze off all the liquid from the grated apples, but if you want a more saucy kuchela you can remove about half the liquid. As Sudama was about to leave, Krishna stops him. I recall as a kid my mom and grandma always having a galvanize metal sheet when mango was in season, covered with grated mango in the sun drying. But this difference in social status did not come in the way of their friendship. I used the entire pepper.. Kuchela Kuchela, also spelled kucheela, occasionally also kuchila, is a hot relish of the Trinidadian cuisine. After Sudama leaves, Krishna locks himself inside his room and starts crying. Sudama spent all of his time and effort in cultural efforts befitting a true person which explained why he was financially not well off. He carried a very humble gift to be presented to Lord Krishna. Then using the sort of shred side of your grater, grate the apples until the core. Lord Krishna was a King. To add more oil.. Grate with the skin on for additional texture, but be sure to get apples which are not covered in wax as they are sometimes.


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  1. It may take a bit of work to squeeze off the liquid with your hands, or you can use a towel and wring the liquid out.

  2. Nowadays kuchela and amchar masala are available as industrially produced, packaged goods in supermarkets.

  3. Sudama returns home to find in place of it, a golden palace, the gift of Krishna, ca painting. I used the entire pepper..

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